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Overview About Bear Pattern MP3 Module:
- Product Name: MP3 Module
- Integrated trumpet, simple and practical
- Free drive, comes with tools, MP3 file copy burning convenient
- You can use different combinations of level signals to perform operations such as song change and volume adjustment. You can define several functions in the Micro: bit program.
- Supports KittenBlock (Scratch 3.0 based) programming for Robotbit, Mini LFR, and KittenBot expansion modules
-  Fit for DIY smart robot car

About Ultrasonic Sensor

1. Support Arduino series main control board
2. Support Kittenblock graphical programming
3. High measurement accuracy, 3-400cm (error is less than 1cm)
4. LED and Ultrasound Probes can be Interacted with Graphical Programming
-  Operating Voltage: 5V DC
-  Operating temperature: -25~+80℃
-  Measuring angle: within 30 degrees
-  Measuring range: 3-400cm
-  Ultrasonic frequency: 42kHz
-  Control method: single digital port control
-  Module size: 48*43*19mm(L*W*H)

Package Included:

1 x Ultrasonic Sensor 

1 x MP3 Module

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