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- Lightweight, easy to carry.
- High conversion rate, high output.
- Resistance to resistance can resist different environment, waterproof performance is good.
- High stability, good durability
- With Sunpower chip, can be used for car, home, boat, motorcycle, etc.
- Suitable for car batteries, car, RV, boat, ship, aircraft, satellites, space stations, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lamp.
Performance test condition:
1. Because the output power of solar panels depends on solar irradiance and solar panel temperature and other factors,
Therefore, the measurement of solar panels needs under standard conditions (STC).
The standard conditions defined as air quality AM1.5, light intensity 1000W/m2, temperature 25'.
2.Product testing must be achieved on the label power value, because each product even under the standard conditions to test their power values will be different, so the actual test power of the product allows a +/- 5% deviation
3. Under this condition, the maximum output power by the solar panel is called the max power. In many cases, the max power of the module is usually measured by a solar simulator.
The  main factors affecting the output performance of the solar panel are as follows:
a. sunshine intensity
b. Load impedance
c. Temperature
d. Shadow

Size: Approx. 42x28x0.25cm/16.5"x11"x0.098"
Power: 20W
Working voltage: 12V
Pmax: 20watt
Ipmax: 1.11A
ISC: 1.22A
Voc: 20.5V
Maximum system voltage: 700V
Junction Box: IP67 Rated
Operating temperature: -40℃-+85℃
Length of cable: Approx. 3m/118.1"
Weight: about 600g
Package Included:
1 x 20W 12V semi flexible solar panel

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