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This module is a lithium battery power bank designed for the Raspberry Pi, allowing the Raspberry Pi board to work up to 9 hours off-line. With 2 USB-A ports onboard, one can supply power to the Raspberry Pi board, and the other can power devices such as embedded LCD screen.

Battery capacity: 3800mAH
output current: 1.4A 
Output voltage: 5.1V ± 0.1V
Standard charging current / voltage: 1.0A/5.0V
Lithium battery charging voltage: 4.18V-4.2V

It can last about 9 hours if only with the raspberry pi board
It can last about 6 hours if with board and 3.5 inch screen
It can last about 2.5 hours if with board and 7 inch screen

The Lithium battery expansion board can be also used on cellphone.
You can charging this battery even if the switch is turn off.

Package included:1x V1.0 Lithium Battery Expansion Board

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