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1. Mechanical structure is simple and very easy to install.
2. Car comes with 20 wire tachometer yards, with photoelectric gun shop can be quickly formed a gun systems. You can speed, distance, composed of
    closed-loop systems.
3. Car with four on the 5th battery compartment, convenient to the entire system power supply. At the same time equipped with a switch, easy
     start-stop system. Without additional very convenient, so that the whole system is highly integrated
4. Car shop with L298N driver module, four tracking module, as well as 51 control unit seamless, simple and good-looking components of the system!


- WIth dual TT motor
- Motor voltage: 3-6v
- Single 9g servos
- Suitable: DIYer
- Quantity: 3

Package included:

3 x Car Chassis Kit


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